NSG Group

新潟で暮らしてみよう 留学生活案内


NSG College League
International Affairs Department

4F, NSG-Square, 7-935 Furumachi-Dori, Chuo-ku,
Niigata City 951-8063 Japan
TEL: +81-25-227-6335
FAX: +81-25-227-6337

NSG GROUP 1 Graduate Institute, 2 Universities, 27 Colleges

There are 30 schools where you can receive specialized training and which will definitely make your dreams come true!

The graduates from our Japanese Language Departments who wish to enter or proceed to schools inside the NSG Group will be given special privileges during the selection process, regarding the school fee and other related expenses.

Benefits for Students Transferring to the schools inside NSG Group

The students who meet certain conditions such as the attendance rate and the grades in the Japanese Language Departments can enter the NSG Group; 27 vocational schools, a university and a graduate school, by screening of documents and interviewing. But some schools may give tests exceptionally. Furthermore, the students are exempt from 35-60% of tuition fees, application fee and entrance fee; therefore, one year tuition fee should be 550,000 yen at the most.