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Features of Japanese Language Department

We have been providing Japanese language education in Niigata for many years, and many people from all over the world have studied and graduated from our school.
We hope that by studying and living together with international students from various regions, you will acquire true communication skills to understand and respect each other. I know that living in a foreign country with a different language and customs can be very difficult, but there is no need to worry.
Our faculty and staff will do our best to support you, sometimes strictly and sometimes gently, so that you will have the best experience as a foreign student in Japan.

Features of NSG Group

NSG Group is a leading company in Niigata, Japan, providing a variety of services through its various group companies, including graduate colleges, universities, vocational schools, high schools, tutoring schools, various schools, certification and publishing businesses, medical and welfare businesses, trading companies, building maintenance business, advertising agency business, sports marketing, construction, golf courses, hotels, restaurants, catering business, clothing and apparel business, IT and software businesses, web solutions, human resource services, outsourcing, and entrepreneurial support and consulting services.

Long-term Learning

The Japanese language department offers two courses, a 2-year course (starting in April) and a 1.5-year course (starting in October). Students who complete the 2-year course will be awarded a specialist degree.

The Japanese Language Department offers small-group, ability-based classes with the aim of comprehensively improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. In addition, for students who wish to enter universities or vocational schools after acquiring Japanese language skills, we offer a full range of preparatory classes for the examination for the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests.


This is a short-term intensive course for those who wish to study Japanese intensively or for those who would like to experience Japanese language and culture even if only for a short time.

After studying the short-term course, we will give individual advice to those who wish to continue on to the long-term course. This course is ideal for those who wish to make the most of their vacation time to improve their Japanese language skills and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture. During the course, students will have the opportunities to participate in various seasonal events and experience various aspects of Japanese culture.

Learning in Niigata

It is 1.5 hours to Tokyo by Shinkansen bullet train, and there are direct flights to and from Niigata Airport to other countries. Niigata Prefecture is also known as Japan's top rice-producing region, and is surrounded by abundant nature - oceans, mountains, and rivers, offering a variety of seasonal beauty. In terms of cost of living and safety, Niigata is a safe environment in which to devote yourself to your studies.