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NSG College League
International Affairs Department

Food Building No.3, 3-560 Furumachi-Dori, Chuo-ku,
Niigata City 951-8063 Japan
TEL: +81-25-227-6335
FAX: +81-25-227-6337

Long-term Courses

Proceed to a college, university or get a job after completion of Japanese language course

The four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing are required when communicating with others.
To improve these four skills simultaneously we aim to organize small-group classes according to their abilities.
We also provide classes focusing on qualifications for students who pursue higher education in Japan after the completion of Japanese Language courses.
On the other hand, we work on developing students' communicative ability.
In addition, we provide opportunities to exchange with Japanese people and various events so that students can learn practical Japanese.

Courses April Entrance, 2-year course
October Entrance, 1.5-year course
Class Hours 4 classes per day, approx. 880 hours per year (This depends on the course)
Days of Classes Monday through Friday
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, Summer/Winter/Spring Breaks

Example Time Schedules *These are subject to change.

Beginners Class

3VocabularyConversationVocabulary Listening ComprehensionExtra-curricular activities
4Reading ComprehensionExplanation for the test resultsConversationCompositionTest

Upper Intermediate Class

3ConversationExtra-curricular activitiesExam Preparation ClassExam Preparation ClassExam Preparation Class
4CompositionTestExam Preparation ClassExam Preparation ClassExam Preparation Class

Short-term/ Intensive Courses

Why don't you study Japanese and Japanese culture in Niigata?

Apart from the Long-term Courses, we offer Short-term/ Intensive Courses for the students wishing to try learning the Japanese language and the Japanese culture or study Japanese intensively for a short period.
In addition, after completion of the course, we individually counsel the students wishing to move onto a long-term course.
We welcome any students who want to improve their Japanese skills during their vacation or get to know Japanese culture better.
Students are provided the chance to join in a series of seasonal events and experience Japanese culture first hand during the course.

Courses Application is accepted at any time.
Class Hours 4 classes per day
Days of Classes Monday through Friday
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, Summer/Winter/Spring Breaks
Class Level Basic : Class for beginners. Students learn Japanese pronunciation, basic daily conversation.
Intermediate : Class for those who have mastered daily conversation. Learn various expressions and practical communication.
Advanced : Class for those who aim to enter Japanese colleges/ universities or work at Japanese companies. Acquire high level grammar and communication skill.