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NSG College League
International Affairs Department

Food Building No.3, 3-560 Furumachi-Dori, Chuo-ku,
Niigata City 951-8063 Japan
TEL: +81-25-227-6335
FAX: +81-25-227-6337

AIR College of Foreign Languages, Tourism and Airline Japanese Language Department

The Japanese language department offers two courses, a 2-year course (starting in April) and a 1.5-year course (starting in October). Students who complete the 2-year course will be awarded a specialist degree.
International Affairs Department performs all procedures for the application, entrance, etc. We have specialized staff with knowledge on requirements for Japanese Immigration Bureau's check. Our staff will kindly provide you with the necessary information about our colleges and offer our advice, so please contact us at any time if you have questions.

Around the Colleges

There are many shops and it is very convenient.
Niigata Station is close to our colleges. You can take trains and Shinkansen (Bullet train) there.

We are located in Furumachi. There are many shops, bank, post office, etc.
Several other NSG colleges are also in Furumachi. Cultural events are often held in this area.
A traditional shopping area called Honcho is within walking distance of the colleges. There are vegetable shops, fruits shops, fish shops, etc. You can get fresh food at a low price.
Beyond a bridge from Furumachi, there is Bandai area. This is one of the popular shopping areas and always crowded. There is a shopping mall called "LoveLa Bandai" and it has a supermarket in the basement. Various events and flea market are held on holidays in the area.
Around Niigata Station
You can go to Niigata Station in 10 minutes by bus from Furumachi. There are electric appliance retailers, souvenior shops, etc in the station building.
Yasuragi Embankment
Along the Shinano River which is the longest river in Japan, there is an embankment where you can jog or stroll along. You can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring.
Japan Sea
You can go to the sea in 10 minutes by bike from school. It is great to enjoy BBQ with beautiful sunset after swimming.

Dormitories and Apartments

Here are some of the school dormitories.

Staff in charge of students' living and accomodation help you!!



7 minutes by bus from Niigata Station Bus Terminal,
Get off at "Furumachi" and then 10 minutes on foot

  • Niigata Airport→Pick-Up Service

  • Narita International Airport→Niigata Airport→Pick-Up Service

  • Narita International Airport→Jumbo Taxi *share-ride

  • Narita International Airport→Narita Express→Tokyo Station→Shinkansen (bullet train)→Niigata Station→Pick-Up Service